AWS Services

We offer complete guidance for creating, launching, managing, and expanding cutting-edge business applications through our diverse range of AWS cloud computing services. Being a top-tier Cloud & DevOps Service Provider, we ensure a seamless transition of your business operations to the AWS Cloud.


AWS Cloud Consultation Offered

Our AWS DevOps experts collaborate with small, medium, and large enterprises to develop applications that provide AWS consultation and guidance, facilitating the transition of their existing businesses to the Amazon Web Services Cloud.

Mobile Apps with AWS Development Services

Our distinguished team of AWS app developers is adept at constructing forward-looking mobile applications capable of scaling to accommodate numerous users worldwide.

AWS Compute Solutions

SoftYoi empowers businesses by harnessing the potential of EC2 (Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute) serverless computing. This guarantees application agility while eliminating the need to manage middleware complexities.

Expertly Managed AWS Solutions

We've established a specialised app management team to enhance all aspects of cloud operations, including configuration, management, and performance monitoring.

AWS Cloud Migration Expertise

Our team of AWS development experts guarantees a smooth migration of your current system to cloud-based solutions. This enhances transparency, security, and data accessibility for improved performance.

Support & Maintenance

Our comprehensive AWS app maintenance services offer full technical support, addressing bug troubleshooting and performance analysis. This minimises downtime and latency for optimal operations.


Hire AWS Developers in India

In India, our innovative team of AWS developers drives business expansion by migrating enterprise applications to the cloud. This is achieved through the fusion of agile development practices and value-driven AWS cloud solutions. At SoftYoi, you can enlist the services of our skilled AWS experts to implement AWS business solutions, encompassing cloud automation, infrastructure provisioning, and auto-scaling. Our expertise caters to startups as well as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

We adhere to industry-standard practices to optimise Return on Investment (ROI) and enhance business agility throughout the cloud migration process. Before embarking on our next significant project, we follow these three pivotal steps.

Consultancy and Evaluation

Our AWS consultants collaborate intimately with clients to meticulously analyse mission-critical enterprise needs, ensuring a seamless transition to cloud-based solutions.

Specialised AWS Developer Team

With unwavering dedication, our specialised AWS team formulates an impactful strategy for AWS-managed services, effectively addressing enterprise challenges through enhanced features and capabilities.

Project Implementation

During this phase, our experts skillfully execute a harmonious blend of agile methodologies and DevOps solutions, culminating in the creation of a cloud-enabled application environment.


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